Youth Capacity Building

Program objective

To teach Life Skills to At Risk Youths & women and those who care for them to prevent Drug Abuse, Anger and organized crime groups among young people.

This enables them to integrate well with the general population and become productive members of the society. We will partner with schools and all interested community based organizations in the country to provide Life Skills Training.

We also organize social or group activities like entertainments, games & sports to promote interactions and integration among the youth.

i.Guidance and Counseling Program

Project Objective To provide professional counseling to youth to help them come out of challenging life situations through encouraging communication and exchange of ideas.

Challenges of Life Due to various reasons youths are overwhelmed with challenges in life – these ranges from unemployment, family breakdowns, teenage pregnancies, HIV AIDS, female genital mutilation, lack of opportunities to earn incomes and alternative leisure activities among others. These usually lead to various levels of depression and isolation leading to indulgence in drug abuse, organized crime gang activities and other forms of crimes. These factors make many of the youths to have reckless lives, are jailed while others even commit suicide. Megabridge Foundation uses one on one and soon to introduce online counseling to enable these youth and women to lead a stress free life.

More about counseling The program is done on one to one or through ONLINE counseling service. One on one counseling is done at centralized locations like in our offices or schools while on line counseling is done through a link on our website, please contact us to book an appointment or sign up online. We also organize group motivational, counseling and informative talks among youths in schools, churches and other common places.

NB: For online counseling the information provided will be used only to help you; we won’t share it with anyone. Our privacy policy and your personal privacy is important to us. (Coming soon).

ii. Mentorship Program

Project Objective: To work towards modeling youth to lead a responsible focused livelihood This refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The program is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help but an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenging the youth to be focused in life. This involves regular motivational talks on various topics to schools, colleges to motivate and encourage learners to work hard in school with specific self defined goals.

iii.Positive Life Skills to At Risk Youths

Project Objective: To work towards bettering the lives of youths living dangerous lives. The project Supports and advances research to support teaching, publication, and practical field experience on issues of integration, peace, goodwill, to eliminate causes of deviant behaviors leading to conflicts and promote understanding and culture of tolerance among young people.


Those who were forced to joining anti social groups like drug groups, criminal gangs, or committed atrocities sometimes return to their homes only to be shunned or neglected leading to stigmatization by their own families and communities.

This program aims to provide programs for the “psychological recovery and social reintegration” of former drug addicts, organized crime group members, released offenders, reformed criminals etc.

The program also facilitates access to information on primary & reproductive health, prevention and counseling on issues of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse among youths.