What you can do

Supporting development in Africa does not just mean making a financial donation to Megabridge Foundation projects: each one of us can make a frontline contribution by introducing Megabridge Foundation to both small and larger public, involving friends, relations, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates and sports team members.

The following are a few examples of what you can do:

Browsing the web?

Are you an internet enthusiast? Keep browsing our site: post the most interesting items on your social network pages and

forward them to your friends. Click on “I like it” on the Megabridge Foundation Facebook page or click the like button on the right sidebar of our web site; look at our videos on Youtube. If you run a website, insert our logo on your home page and at no extra cost you will help to make Megabridge Foundation known to the public.

Are you into sport?

If you are into any sport, maybe amateur or professional, footballer, basketballer, athlete, manager or coach, or may be an artist, musician name it — you can suggest your association to organize a fund-raising event for Megabridge Foundation involving the public to benefit our projects in Kenya. And if you really wish to become a true supporter of Megabridge Foundation, put our logo on your sports shirts!

Are you a local administrator?

If you are a local administrator and work for a local authority, you can help Megabridge Foundation to locate proclamations of decentralized cooperation to identity funds to support our activities in Kenya. Get in touch with us on the possibilities offered by these local authorities, or recommend sponsorships for our various events organized by volunteers in the local area.

Purchasing our Merchandise?

Your purchase of Megabridge Foundation’s original souvenirs will support employment creation, health, environment, schooling and other projects for the poor populations in Kenya.

Remembering loved ones?

Through Legacy and memorial Gifts, More and more people are choosing to support a development project instead of giving memorial flowers. And even in saddest times, a gesture of solidarity will permit a young person in Kenya have a sustainable livelihood through education and skills training.

Do you work in the media world?

If you are a journalist or work in a news agency, you can help to make Megabridge Foundation and its activities in Africa known to the public at large. An article on the web or in print, a radio or television broadcast, an interview with a representative of Megabridge Foundation, or support for one of our fund-raising activities, a free publicity space, a web banner describing our initiatives.

So many ways to spread the word on Megabridge Foundation without encroaching on funds going to projects in Kenya!

Are you an entrepreneur?

You are an entrepreneur, running a small-medium-large firm or a retail business, a social worker, a preacher, a student, you can help Megabridge Foundation in many ways, like:

distribution of our information material at your workplace or

financial support for one of our projects in Kenya at business and social forums by giving your contacts (employees, suppliers, customers, acquaintances) our Megabridge Foundation calendars, greetings cards etc.

Do you have any time to offer Megabridge Foundation?

Become a volunteer with us: You can help to make our projects functional by reinforcing our staff in many of our activities including providing ideas and fund-raising for our projects.