Volunteering & Internship

We offer flexible Volunteer Programs in Kenya; anyone has something to give back to the Society. Our volunteering program is flexible, ranging from a few hours a year to several hours a week. It’s your choice.

Volunteers help us deliver local services to local communities. You can come to Kenya and volunteer in our projects. We encourage volunteers to use their time, gifts and talents to uplift the lives of those we work with.


We welcome those eager to participate and serve in any of our programs while experiencing the diverse social-culture, wildlife, sites and history of Kenya.

 1.Megabridge Foundation is looking for local and international volunteers to help in various community based activities ranging from the designing and implementation of various low cost community facilities, agriculture & organic farming, Agroforestry, marketing, food processing & post harvest handling, vocational training, animal health etc.

2.Volunteer in Megabridge Foundation offices for 3 weeks. Megabridge Foundation Kenya is looking for English speaking self-motivated onsite and online volunteers with Project Management, grants writing & fundraising, financial and organizational structuring skills.

3.We are currently welcoming volunteers to under-resourced rural based schools and orphanages in these following fields:

  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Agricultural extension services
  • Agroforesters
  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Computer Trainers
  • Sports e.g. football, netball, volleyball, chase, darts (volunteers who would like to introduce new sports are welcome)
  • Music, Dance and Drama, etc

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