Urgent Needs

Here is a list of our most immediate and urgent needs required for the success in achieving our vision and mission.

  • Sponsorship for Administrative Costs: Megabridge Foundation currently has 1 support staff, we need to add 4 facilitators to assist us to do outreach facilitation work each at a monthly salary of US$ 200. When you sponsor a facilitator you help us to reach more beneficiaries each m
  • Sponsorship for Unlimited Internet connectivity: Internet is part of our success and Megabridge Foundation does a lot on it, we will be doing online counseling, we upload videos and photos on both youtube and our website, we also use internet to update our websites on a regular basis. We also do research and communication on the internet, without it we cannot communicate to our supporters and the rest of the world effectively.
  • 1 Photocopier & 1 Colour Printer: At Megabridge Foundation we print and photocopy many documents like training manuals, administrative documents, work schedules & sheets in training sessions among others
  • 40 Desktop computers: New or Refurbished Desktop Computers, we need these computers for our Computer Training Program and a digital library project.
  • 6 Laptops: New/Refurbished Laptops – urgently needed for administrative work and training such as staff/volunteers research and office work.
  • 4 Video Cameras & 4 Digital Cameras: These are required to assist in Video Production and photography trainings and to document our projects

You may have other Items of good quality that you no longer use but may be useful to our projects; buying most of these items is expensive and needs a lot of financial resources. A donation of such items would be of great use to our projects. If you would like to support or donate any item to us, please contact us.