Microenterprise Development Program

Program objective

The program seeks to empower low-income group and promote their participation in the development process through offering financial services and skills to individuals and groups who have traditionally been excluded by formal financial institutions. Its goals are to:

  • Alleviate poverty by expanding access to appropriate financial services for low-income people
  • Generate employment and increase income earning opportunities among low-income communities
  • Identify, collect, organize, and disseminate information on microfinance and small enterprise development
  • Assist and improve the living standards and conditions of local communities through sustainable social projects and capacity-building trainings to groups
  • Provide capital, technical and entrepreneurial skill development to local community-based organizations and community groups to properly manage available resources and facilities

Microenterprise Development

About the program

The project works with a number of community groups which are engaged in addressing related problems and whose activities promises to be economically viable enterprises but are constrained in developing these initiatives to their full potential because of the lack of business development advice and the lack of capital/credit.

The project addresses these constraints through the establishment of a business advisory function. The key role of this advisory function is to provide operational business support – planning, marketing, growth – delivered by a combination of volunteers, consultants and experts working within the private sector who provide their services as part of their organizational corporate social responsibility.

Program Activities

i.Vocational Training and Productivity Program (VTPP)

Project Objective: To provide vocational training as a way of Empowerment through skills.

With greater access to vocational training, more Youths and women will become qualified for self employment or good jobs to support their future families. Through incomes generated by these new jobs the youths will increase the country’s standard of living, by providing well for themselves and thereby reducing dependency levels.

ii.Youth/Adult Education Program (AEP)

Project Objective: To provide Youth/Adult Education as a way of Empowerment through Literacy.

Everyone has a right to read and succeed. We offer classes to teach the basic literacy and financial literacy skills essential to lead a full life as individuals, parents and citizens to know how to Read, Write and Speak English, and manage personal finances.