Legacy Gift

A simple way to make a lasting impact.

By making a charitable bequest to Megabridge Foundation, you could ensure that your contributions will leave a lasting impact on the organization and more importantly, on the projects that we support.

How does a legacy gift work?

Adding Megabridge Foundation to your will, leaving a charitable bequest, is a simple way to make sure that your charitable donations continue for years to come. The process is simple, allows for changes at any time, and can provide tax relief from estate taxes.

To leave a legacy gift, simply include a sentence in your will or trust designating a gift for our organization.

Why leave a legacy gift?

Our Future: Charitable bequests give our organization a more stable financial future and ensure the continuing success of our Community projects

Your Future: Charitable bequests ensure that your estate is left in a way that allows for continued giving in any way that you see fit.