Environmental Conservation and Education Program

Program objective

With the reality of climate change already facing us, environmental conservation is everyone’s concern.

The program’s objective is to promote the culture of using leisure time to participate in sustainable forests restoration through Afforestation, trees planting and eco-wood based bio-energy generation as part of local approach to global climate change mitigation.

This will help in addressing critical issues of sustainability in the conservation of forests and biodiversity protection and environmental management at the local level through

involving schools, farmers, existing community groups and general public.

Program Activities

  • Alleviate poverty by expanding access to appropriate financial services for low-income people
  • Promoting conservation of the diminishing Forests and indigenous plants and animal species through educational sessions and outreach programs in local primary and secondary schools and throughout the local community
  • Preserving the existing natural forests and limit illegal logging activities by promotion and training in alternative green energy & energy-saving practices such as fireless cookers, energy-saving stoves and solar energy.
  • Promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation activities like efficient capture and use of the scarce water resources through water harvesting in sustainable and integrated production systems to improve the small-scale farmers’ livelihood by upgrading the rainfed agriculture production.