Ecotourism Program

Program objective

Ecotourism Program strives to promote responsible tourism as an economic alternative to the exploitation of forests and other resources, while providing income opportunities for local communities.

Offer spectacular tours involving social-culture, wildlife animals, sites and national historical sites at pocket friendly rates thereby creating opportunities for the many unemployed local youths – proceeds from the project go directly to community projects.

 About the program

As a way of promoting conservation, self reliance, networking and cultural exchanges we provide sustainable internship links, study Tours and Ecotourism programs in Kenya through our Eco Destinations Project to establish links which will enable us provide host to tourists, researchers, interns and students on study tours and other missions. This will assist in promoting intercultural integration and help local students and communities learn new techniques and new languages while those from other parts of the world will learn Swahili and other local dialects and diverse Kenyan cultures.

Take the opportunity to see Kenya – whatever your aim and dream is, we have the experience to customize and connect you with it. You can be sure that the places we recommend are in keeping with Kenya’s history of environmental protection and progressive social values. For us, Ecotourism means that your vacation helps to conserve rainforests and support local communities.

Community-based ecotourism in Kenya, introduces you to real people and beautiful natural places, leaving you with the satisfaction of real adventures that are good for people and our planet.

Kenya is the only peaceful and stable country within Eastern African region with diverse cultures, religions and habitat. Because it is within the equator it is relatively warm, but at high altitudes it can be extremely cold. In Tourism sector Kenya is popular boasting of over a thousand species of birds with numerous wildlife in the private and public parks making the country among the best safari paradise in Africa.

Plan your next tour, bird-watching, social cultural or research trip using a local professional guide to remote villages in Kenya.

You will enjoy the safety of traveling with knowledgeable locals, who understands where and how to get to the right habitat for all the wildlife while you will be directly or indirectly contributing to the livelihoods and development of local communities.