Megabridge Foundation is a Kenyan registered non governmental organization promoting sustainable livelihoods.  The foundation has a non discrimination policy – serves all regardless of race, tribe, creed, political affiliation, gender or any other factor.

Core Activities

  • Participating in poverty reduction initiatives
  • Promoting talents, sports, art and craft to supplement other income generating activities
  • Promoting access to education through literacy programs, awareness and life skills to promote self reliance among the youth
  • Promoting entrepreneurship as alternative to source of employment/livelihood.
  • Participating in the fight against spread of HIV/AIDS and ignorance concerning the effects of discrimination and stigma, while offering care and support to the affected
  • Creating awareness among children, youth and communities in matters concerning environmental conservation and water catchments maintenance for future generations


To promote utilization of locally available resources; talents, cultural diversity and aesthetic value of diverse natural environmental resources towards sustainable livelihood


“Empowered generation with knowledge for sustainable livelihoods”


“To empower communities (With special interest on the youth and women) through resources, information and skills to transform their livelihood in a sustainable environment”

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Responsiveness
  • Respect

What we do

Megabridge Foundation engages local communities to utilize the resources available to them and promoting innovation to expand them through partnerships, making them less dependent on ‘hand outs’.

To achieve this Megabridge Foundation sensitizes communities and train them to identify and prioritize their needs, find ways to meet these needs and to be a part of the implementation process. We work with community-based groups where these are available and will facilitate group formation where no appropriate established groups exist.

The foundation builds on the existing demonstrated capacity of local organizations, such as self help groups, farmers associations etc to take initiatives and provide labour and material (in-kind donations) to cover a major share of projects costs. By fully involving these organizations in the projects process, the Megabridge Foundation strengthens and empowers them not only to sustain project and interventions but also to take the lead in further development activities afterwards.